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How's my driving?

If you have any concerns about how I play Rachel, feel free to voice them here! Good/bad/ugly, it's all welcomed - comments are screened and anonymous is enabled! Crit is incredibly welcome, though I'd appreciate if you kept it constructive if possible.
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I hope you all realize that you're making idiots out of yourselves. Then again, I suppose that isn't too far from the norm in this place.

(ooc: Remilia gets first comment. Anyone else is free to go after!)
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For just how long does this weather insist on being miserably cold? I have had quite enough of this season.
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*Wherever you are, it is nighttime.

And yet despite the time of night, and despite the winter cold, there is a young-looking girl sitting outside sipping a steaming-hot cup of tea. And perhaps looking up at the moon in thought.*

...a shift? No, that's quite preposterous. This world is hardly coherent enough for something of that nature to occur.

And yet... something seems to be rather amiss.
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Oh, is it already that time again? For our captors to play their ridiculous little game...

...I wonder just what awaits us this turn of the moment.

What an irritating little place. It will still be better than being stuck in Remilia's rags, though.

(ooc: The red text is echoing, and strangely ethereal... because she isn't saying it out loud. Rachel has thought bubbles!)
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I suppose our captors believe they have quite the sense of humor, what with these miserable costumes.

Hmph. I refuse to allow them the satisfaction of spoiling my birthday.


*Rachel is wandering somewhere through the village, perhaps in search of tea. Why does she look pissed off? Why, because she's dressed as another vampire loli, and being clad in Remilia's outfit any longer than she needs to be is rather infuriating.*
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*It's late at night, wherever you are. You may be planning on turning in for a good night's sleep.

But no. There's the sudden sound of a thunderbolt tearing through the sky - despite the fact that the rain may have ended hours ago.

If you look outside, you may notice two [ profile] redstringed [ profile] redsynonymhere whirling through the air, fighting with clear intent to kill each other. Both Rachel and Remilia are spattered with each other's blood, but they don't appear to mind.

There are vampire bats and bolts of lightning everywhere.*

*If you wait long enough, they may become bored of the fighting and stop to have tea together.*

((ooc: Posting order: You - Rachel - Remilia! Go hog wild with this, people!

Sleep - will pick up in the morning.))
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*The journal starts picking up the sounds of a fight in progress, as if someone had dropped their journal accidentally.*  Noel, get back!

*Then, odd whooshes of air and the sound of metal striking metal - but they're interrupted by a crack of thunder. There's silence for a few moments, and then a second, louder clap of thunder, followed shortly by the sound of furniture breaking and another voice - some might recognize it as Noel Vermillion - shouting.*  Rachel! Ahh...

*Silence, interrupted only by the sound of metal footsteps. But then the first voice speaks again, though it seems slightly weaker.* You dare...?! Do... not turn your backs... on me...!

Baden Baden Lil--

*The speaker is suddenly cut off, and the journal is splattered by little crimson droplets, as though someone was writing in it. There's a thump and the sound of something - or someone - being dragged away, and then silence. The feed cuts out.*


*Where are you? What are you doing? It doesn't matter, because there's a young girl dressed in a frilly gothic lolita dress teleporting near to you with a shower of roses. She looks rather beaten-up, and is clutching a bleeding wound at her stomach.

Needless to say, Rachel does not look happy. This wasn't where she wanted to end up.*


((OOC: So, Rachel tried to get some revenge on the Malnosso by attacking the droids coming to kidnap Noel. She failed spectacularly. So she's wounded, unable to focus on her teleportation, and she's taken a heavy blow to her pride. This won't end well.))
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*It's night-time, and outside of Building 6 there is a young-looking gothic lolita vampire and a bed of roses.

Rachel, in an attempt to not get dirty while planting a garden, has been attempting to do the entire thing with spatial manipulation - you might see the dirt itself shift around the roses if you looked long enough. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be going well for her, and the rose "garden" is lopsided and mismatched, and the roses don't look healthy. They're wilting a bit.

And because of this, Rachel is looking all the more irritated and frustrated.

Clearly this is the best time to bother her.*
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This world has such a stench to it... it's a wonder any of you can breathe.

In the interest of making this place more tolerable, where would one be able to acquire roses? I wish to start a garden.

Or are we incapable of having even that meager luxury?
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*It's late dusk, and there is a certain young-looking gothic lolita sitting at a table outside of Building 6, slowly sipping a cup of tea and flipping through a book.

If you pass by, you may get the very distinct sense that she is horribly judging you.*

(ooc: Geez, lots of people! And they probably all hate Rachel now. I'm going to bed, will resume tagging tomorrow!)
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*Hey, you. Yeah, you!

Where are you right now? At home? Out and about? In the bath?

It doesn't matter where you are, because in a second, there's going to be a strange black vortex right nearby. And as the vortex fades, it will be leaving in its place a young-looking vampire girl in a gothic lolita outfit. She has some furniture with her; something nice like a tasteful armchair with an Ottoman, or whatever.

She also looks very angry at the fact that her spatial teleportation keeps going awry.*
This... miserable little pigsty!

*The TL;DR Version: There is now an angry loli vampire in your immediate vicinity. She has furniture.*

(ooc: CR building post! Rachel has teleported into wherever your character is while trying to get furniture back to her new home. Feel free to determine whatever setting would be most awesome/interesting/hilarious! Standard Rachel Warning applies - she will be kind of mean.)
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*There is a dull thud, and then the feed flickers on - it seems somebody has thrown the book onto the ground in disgust. That somebody is a petite-looking blonde girl in the standard New Feather sundress, though her hair is tied up in tails by two black ribbons that some might say make her look like she has rabbit ears.

And she is absolutely livid; all but steaming as she speaks sharply out loud.*
--the meaning of this?

Is this some pathetic joke? Have you any idea of with whom you're dealing? To take someone like me and affix these... appendages - not to mention to forcibly change my clothing? How disgusting. I feel as though I shall never be again, thanks to the hands of you perverted, mouth-breathing imbeciles.

Nago, Gii, where are you? Come here at once! Every time I imagine you cannot possibly become more useless, you prove me wrong.

Whatever feeble-minded idiot has summoned me to this place, I demand to be returned this very instant! If you are hasty, I might even deign to show you mercy - the longer you drag your heels, the more excruciating my retribution will become.

Luceti App

Aug. 19th, 2010 11:17 pm
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Name: Funk
Livejournal Username: [ profile] cftfic
AIM/MSN: Funkadelict7of11
Current Characters at Luceti: N/A - I used to play Yaag Rosch from FF13, but I dropped him a while back.


Name: Rachel Alucard
Fandom: BlazBlue
Gender: Female
Age: At least 72,500 years old (immortal)
Time Period: After the True End of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Wing Color: Black, and traditionally feathery.

For many, many, MANY years, the world of BlazBlue was stuck in a perpetual time loop that lasted approximately a hundred years. Time would reset itself and things would begin anew. Rachel, a vampire and the current head of the noble Alucard clan, technically existed "outside" of the world as an observer, and so was one of the few beings completely aware that time was repeating itself. Given that she has lived through 725 cycles, this makes her very, very old indeed - not counting her age before the time loop began.

At some point prior to the events of the first game, Rachel picked up a rather violent grudge against a spirit called Yuuki Terumi, who had fought alongside her butler Valkenhayn as one of the "Six Heroes." Precisely why she hates him so is a matter that hasn't been revealed, but it's possible that it's partly due to Terumi's betrayal of Valkenhayn and his other allies - a betrayal that Rachel observes every time loop but is powerless to prevent.

Afterwards (but still prior to the part of the time loop shown in the first game), Rachel encountered a badly wounded boy who was bleeding to death. To save his life, she gave into her vampiric impulses for virtually the only time in her life, biting him and giving him partial vampirism and the benefits that came with it. This young man was Ragna, and since then Rachel spent much of her time just... observing him, and dropping in on him when he didn't need it. Really, she's kind of a stalker (as much as she denies it).

Though as an observer she could not outright interfere with events, Rachel's ultimate goal was to break the time loop that had gripped the world - and every cycle, she tried to push things in a slightly different direction. Eventually, she succeeded: Ragna was saved by Noel and did not become the new incarnation of the Black Beast, and time continued onward at long, long last. Of course, this also meant that Rachel's old enemy Terumi was on the move, which was a bad thing.

Rachel was stripped of her powers of "Observer" for interfering in events a bit more than she was supposed to, and in the second game clearly used that newfound freedom to interfere even more than usual. She confronted Terumi directly, and while she fell victim to a trap devised by one of his magic-capable underlings, she was rescued by Ragna - whom she aided in defeating Terumi (albeit temporarily) and rescuing Noel Vermillion from her mental imprisonment as Mu-12.

While she still remains an onlooker and has yet to commit herself to actively assisting Ragna and company in his battle against Terumi and his NOL underlings, Rachel is clearly more involved in the struggle than a pure bystander ought to be. Though really, that's actually fine by her.

Personality: Rachel is the leader of an important vampire clan and is very much aware of her high station and nobility - and with that comes her tendency to look down on common people. She is very, very old and very, very powerful, which means that she very rarely feels the need to sugarcoat her words. In other words ... Rachel's kind of a bitch.

Rachel is arrogant, taunting to the point of cruelty, and sees most other people as disgusting and weak little individuals who are essentially her tools and/or playthings. She makes no attempt to hide her contempt for those who she considers beneath her ... and she considers most everybody beneath her. She abuses her servants Nago and Gii, she insults people like Noel who are already insecure, and even frequently berates someone like Ragna who is important to her. Given that she hates being bored (and after 72,500 years of watching the same thing over and over it would be very easy to be bored), it's easy to imagine that she just does this to be a troll and mess with people for her own entertainment.

Okay, yeah, that's probably part of it.

But the thing is, deep down beneath the many, many layers of bitchiness and cruelty, Rachel genuinely does mean well, and she cares about events - and people - far more than she lets on. As much as she taunts and belittles him, Ragna in particular means quite a bit to her. She's seen him become a mindless agent of destruction over 700 times, and every time hopes that this will be the time that is different - that he'll use his strength to fight to the bitter end. In one path, she even cries over his dead body.

By the time of Continuum Shift, she's starting to visibly soften up. She's still arrogant and bitchy, but she's not above being helpful, either - though this may just be because as much as she looks down on people, she looks down on Terumi more.

She's also very, very intelligent and has a tendency to speak overly elaborately with references to obscure/classical material. This is partly because she's just smart, and it's partly because it confuses the people who are "beneath" her.

Look, just because she genuinely cares deep down inside, it doesn't mean she isn't a bitch.


Power: (Physical) Rachel is easily one of the most powerful entities in the entire BlazBlue universe ... and that's before you factor in her magical Tsukuyomi Unit, the "ultimate defense" - that enabled her to take what was essentially a magical orbital laser strike head-on without so much as flinching. She can manipulate dimensions and space, she can manipulate wind and lightning, and she's easily strong enough to take on virtually every other being in the BlazBlue world. Even after being defeated in other characters' story modes, she's perfectly fine - it's all a game to her. The only character who has ever genuinely threatened her is Terumi, and he also goes out of his way to avoid picking a fight with her if he can help it.

Experience: (Emotional) Rachel has lived for a very, very long time. A very, very long time. As such, she's not only picked up more than her fair share of knowledge during the years, but she's also experienced pretty much everything there is to experience. She's confident in almost every situation she finds herself in, and virtually unflappable. Even when irritated, she keeps her head.

Learned: (Mental) In keeping with the above, Rachel has used her 72,500-year+ lifetime to become rather well-read. There isn't much she doesn't know, particularly about more intellectual topics. She's able to converse on almost any classical subject, and is very, very, very intelligent. It also means she gets to use big words to confuse people.


Anemic: (Physical) Rachel is a vampire, but she absolutely abhors her vampiric impulses to drink blood - she much prefers tea. While it obviously isn't necessary for survival, the lack of blood makes her rather... Anemic. She's still tremendously powerful, but she gets tired rather easily and takes frequent naps. This isn't crippling; she's very capable of pushing through her fatigue, but without feeding on blood she's never as energetic as she could be.

Spoiled: (Emotional) Rachel may have experienced quite a bit in her long lifetime, but she is also very reliant on her butler Valkenhayn and her familiars Nago and Gii - more than she lets on. They take all the hits for her in a fight, they pamper her and obey her every whim - Rachel isn't incapable of doing those things herself, but she's certainly not going to be used to it. She might have to find someone else to wait on her hand and foot in their absence. Unfortunately...

Abrasive: (Mental) Rachel's personality does not really lend to her making friends. Sure, she has allies, and can actually be somewhat nice and cordial once in a blue moon, but she tends to treat people like dirt - and this is a very bad thing in a completely new world with only a few people she knows from back home.


First Person: Do any of you truly believe for a single millisecond that one such as I would ever possibly consent to being confined in this place? Have any of you so-called scientists an iota of an idea of the person with whom you're dealing? I am no man's toy; I am no man's plaything. You will relent this instant, and perhaps I will deign to show you some mercy instead of watering my roses with your lifeblood.

This is a filthy little trash heap of a world, hardly fit for swine, let alone a lady of my considerable breeding. What possible reason could you have for including one such as I in this madhouse of puerile rabble and brutish, Neanderathalic thugs? It is wholly intolerable and I demand that you cease such nonsense at once, lest I take great pleasure in tearing this little bubble to the ground.

I shall be gracious and allow you some time with which to consider the matter. Until then, I expect my every whim to be attended to - I will require a new set of servants, perhaps one or two of the less incompetent local plebians. Contact me immediately if you believe yourself capable of preparing an adequate cup of tea.

Naturally, if you waste my time you will be thoroughly punished.

Third Person: This tea was awful, Rachel thought to herself even as she sipped it. It was truly horrendous. Not at all like Valkenhayn would make. And yet, she drank it anyway - why? She couldn't precisely say.

In fact, none of this was even remotely like what she'd known for thousands and thousands of years - her stately manor, the elegant rose garden, and the full moon blossoming over her dream world. The house in which she'd been forced to take up residence was small and filthy (where were her servants when she needed them?), the closest thing to her garden were some wilting flowers along the roadside, and the moon... well, all right, it was still the moon, hanging high in the sky over the vampire in her repose.

And yet... how strange. She really ought to have hated this place, this prison - she was being held against her will by a group of strange, unseen captors who treated her as little more than an experiment with the rest of these low-class beasts. It chafed her considerable pride, certainly - and then there were the wings; hateful reminders of just what powers these Malnosso claimed to have over her.

But for all of the reasons why Rachel Alucard should have hated this prison, she found that there was a bizarre and rather unseemly reluctance to do precisely that. As intolerable and coarse as this world was, it had one rather large point in its favor: It wasn't what she was used to. After watching the same hundred-year cycle repeat itself hundreds and hundreds of times, Rachel had found herself in a world where – for once – she had no idea what would come next.

It was new. Perhaps, in its own wretched way, it was even a bit exciting to be placed in such a situation. This wasn't to say that she wouldn't have eradicated the Malnosso from time and space were she given the chance – she most certainly would, and relish the opportunity all the while – but if there was one thing that Rachel hated, it was to be bored. And this place, for now, was anything but boring.

She took another sip of the horrid tea, smiling to herself beneath the unfamiliar moon.

“How juvenile of me.”


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